Mission & Vision

MISSION - infusing Christ's love and presence into an ever changing culture through the never changing story.

VISION - to see our communities experience life through the planting of gospel centered, spirit empowered churches.

Who We Are


PLANT MIDWEST is the church-planting strategy and effort sponsored by the St. Louis Metro Baptist Association.

We believe that the most critical factor or need in church planting is not money, resources, or a good strategy, but rather with the leader and the identification of new leaders begins with prayer and confident obedience to Luke 10:2.

We are a network of city/region quarterly gatherings aimed at

  • first, helping missional leaders learn, pray and connect and

  • second, using these quarterly gatherings as a “fishnet” to discover new leaders.

We identify with the biblical and historical principles of partnership and cooperation which helped to build the Southern Baptist Convention.  Our aim is nothing more and nothing less than to advance the gospel to every urban, suburban, and small town community across the Midwest.  We intend to do this by catalyzing a movement through prayer and Spirit filled, biblically qualified, contextually capable men who plant baptistic churches, all for the glory of God.  

Joining the Movement

PLANT MIDWEST isn’t just a network, it’s a prayer movement.  There are many regions in the Midwest that are desperate to see gospel advancement through church planting.  Because of this, the leadership of PLANT MIDWEST is committed to multiplying quarterlies in other cities throughout the Midwest. These quarterly gatherings take on the name of their region (ie. plantSTLOUIS) but serve together under the umbrella of PLANT MIDWEST as we embrace shared vision, beliefs, and continuity in presentation.  Each quarterly gathering must be at least 120 miles away from the nearest PLANT MIDWEST region.  Qualifying regional leaders commit to the following:

Supporting The Vision

Movements can’t be purchased.  They are impossible to construct or reconstruct.  Any true movement is ordained and originated by the Holy Spirit. PLANT MIDWEST desires to be a Spirit filled, Spirit lead movement of likeminded men who love Jesus and care about losteness in their cities.  There are no hero’s or rockstars in this movement. We are team players, a team of missionaries cooperating together with a vision of planting authentic Baptist churches that preach the gospel, observe biblical ordinances of regular communion and baptism, and make disciples. 

Affirming Baptists Beliefs

Leaders hoping to begin a quarterly gathering under the name of PLANT MIDWEST must affirm the Baptist Faith and Message, reject division over debatable issues outside of the Baptist Faith and Message, and lead their church plants to give back financially with integrity to any and all organizations the church plant has received from.

Keeping Continuity

All PLANT MIDWEST regional leaders will agree to hosting their quarterlies with excellence.  In order to assure this, continuity between marketing (ie. websites, publications  Facebook avatars, etc.) and events (ie. registrations, schedules, slides, handouts, etc.) must be diligently maintained.  The aim of our continuity is not to restrict leaders within their regions, but rather to assist them in providing a quality presence and presentation.   This will also leverage the total impact of the network, all for the glory of God.  

Are you with us?

We are looking for a few good men.  We want a team, a band of brothers willing to lock arms around the essentials of our historic Baptist faith and the wisdom of churches cooperating together to do mission, while agreeing not to divide over secondary issues.  We need humble yet confident leaders yielded to the Holy Spirit, committed to Gospel advance, and unafraid of hard work.  If you are in full agreement with this document and you have been approved as the leader of a plantMIDWEST city/region, we invite you to sign below as a personal commitment to this vision.