A Plan for Planting Bi-Vocational, Biblically Healthy Churches

Everybody needs Jesus.  Every nationality, every people group, every dwelling place within our city is beautiful, yet in many places broken and lost.  Our city is strewn with vacated church buildings from days gone by and neighborhoods are filled with separated families and increased numbers of diverse people groups, immigrants and refugees from throughout the world.  Simply put, church planting methods and strategies for outlying suburbs, where much of the evangelical population lives or has fled, has not been and will not be effective in these areas. The recently historic prototype where one man is identified, given funding and fundraising tools over a three-year period, has not been financially sustainable after that time period.  Many times, the planter has been encouraged to leave his employment. This prototype has often not been successful and thus not realistic in terms of long-term health and reproducibility. It’s leaving that solo pastor feeling discouraged and defeated.